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The 4Mat System

A System of Presenting Ideas with Influence

To increase your level of influence in having the concepts you present to the individual, group, audience heard, understood and respected…Present your concepts within the following framework.

This is what this work can do for you…

  • This is your little what that puts a frame around it

  • “This is what I have been researching and this is the information I am going to give you”


This is why you want/need to know what this work can do for you- this is the hook I use to get the audience to stay and listen to what I want to say right now

  • This is why it is important to your life and future

    • Why would you want to know about this

    • Why would you want to hear about this particular topic that I am talking about

    • What is in it for you

    • Why is it important for you to know about this

    • What benefit is there for you in getting the information I am going to tell you (You can’t describe benefits unless you know the other’s needs)

  • Give the audience a reason as to why this information is worth listening to

  • Relate this to why you are reading this work in the first place

  • “Now here is the reason why you would want to know about this…Let me tell you why this research is important…”


This is what this work can actually do for you

  • Here are the details 

    • What is this all about

    • What is the information

    •  What are the facts

    • What are the essential details that you need to be aware of

    • What do you need to know about this so that you can understand and make sense of what I am talking about

    • “So let me give you the information on this. These are the facts and figures on the findings that come out of my research work…”


This is how it will work for you

  • This is how you can utilise it in your life/business right now to get results

    • How can you use it

    • What is the process for you using this

    • What are you actually going to do

    • How can you use this right now

    • How can you use this information that I am giving you in a practical sense

    • How do you implement these ideas

    • “By using this information this is how within your life we can get particular results…”


And these are the consequences if you do and these are the consequences if you don’t…the “what If” is about the future consequences

  • What if you do use it

    • What would happen as a result of you doing what I am saying

    • What are the repercussions for you if you use this information I am giving you

    • What are the consequences of using it and what are the consequences of not using it

    • Other possibilities that come from knowing what I have told them…once they have that information they can start to speculate and wonder about the future possibilities and explore the ramifications of taking action

    • WHAT IF??????? Let’s think about some of the future consequences of applying this information…if you were to start using this knowledge in your life right now this is likely to happen…Lets explore some possible benefits for your life that you are currently not getting but which we could be getting the in future…and lets explore some the consequences of what will happen if we don’t use it right now.

Conclusions: Summarise the process with an emphasis on WHY!!

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