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Questions that Matter

How to Create Key Questions that Matter

  • What question, if explored thoroughly, could provide the breakthrough possibilities we are seeking?

  • Is the question relevant to the real life and real work of the people who will be exploring it?

  • Is this a genuine question – a question to which we really don’t know the answer?

  • What work do I want this question to do? That is what kind of conversation, meanings, and feelings do I imagine this question will evoke in those who were exploring it?

  • What assumptions or beliefs are embedded in the way this question is constructed?

  • Is this question likely to generate hope, imagination, engagement, new thinking and creative action, or is it likely to increase a focus on past problems and obstacles?

  • Does the question leave room for new and different question to be raised as the initial question is explored?

The World Café 2007


“Conscious Communication”
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