Who WE are

Reciprocity Partners

Dr Scott John and Dianne James 

has dedicated the past 20 years to researching and sharing unconventional explanations about understanding others and partnership success. 

Dianne has committed 15 years to leading non-profit, membership-based organizations. Her work has focused on meeting member needs through the development of relevant and successful partnerships.   

What We’re Like...“Nutters On the Fringe”

We are: 
  • passionate about understanding what others think and why they think that way
  • eccentric, avante-guarde, and quirky 
  • easily and quickly dissatisfied with the status quo
  • edge dwellers and risk takers
  • sharers of everything we know 
We believe:
  • people are inherently good, intelligent, creative, adaptive and collaborative beings
  • meaning and knowledge are co-created and socially constructed though our conversations with others
  • all individual perspectives are equally valid, valuable and incomplete
  • achievement in any form is a collaborative and interdependent process 

Changing Personalities..... 

For the first 9 years of Reciprocity, we worked with a wide variety of small and large, public and private organizations. Our core focus was to help them develop successful internal and external business relationships/partnerships. The fundamental intent of our efforts was to help those organizations make more money or improve their business processes. By the end of 2008, as we looked around at a world in distress, we felt the need for Reciprocity to be offering more. In April 2009, we made a decision to re-direct the business and our energies to making an explicit and specific contribution to the creation of a ‘better’ world.

For the past 5 years, we have had a clear focus - to promote the ideas and perspectives of small farmers and their global campaign for food sovereignty. This work has been rewarding and we have learnt much, and shared the voices of campesinos and small farmers from Venezuela, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Spain and Korea.

In 2012, made the decision to direct our focus specifically to support La Via Campesina to lead the food sovereignty campaign and the development of an alternative agricultural paradigm. (See www.reciprocity.org)