A vibrant and innovative Internship program is an important element in maintaining a sustainable Reciprocity future. We are committed to providing internships that offer real value to interns and at the same time generate tangible outcomes for the realisation of our business purpose.

Our internship vision is to have a highly motivated international internship cohort working collaboratively alongside our business partners in every aspect of our business. 

What a Reciprocity Internship Offers
  • A unique opportunity to engage in a mutually-beneficial partnership with an organisation committed to making a tangible contribution to a better world;
  • An incredible experience of being at the forefront of a world-wide, farmer-led movement dedicated to the creation of a sustainable future for all;
  • Special insights into the philosophical dimensions and practical applications of reciprocity as the key to partnership and relationship success;
  • Real credibility In and engagement with the alternative agricultural sector at a global level;
  • High level skill development in the areas of: 
    • Real-life research in a broad range of international agricultural contexts 
    • The creation development and maintenance of participant oriented interactive websites 
    • The creation and application of documentary film techniques and social networking tools as vehicles for sustainable partnership development 
    • The development and use of multimodal, multilingual communication strategies 
    • Reciprocal partnership and relationship development strategies, techniques and practices.
How a Reciprocity Internship Works

Following a successful application, Reciprocity interns undergo an intensive 10-day induction program at the Reciprocity office in Manly Brisbane. During this program, shared understandings and agreements between interns and the Reciprocity partners are developed in relation to what Reciprocity does, how it does it, why it does it that way and what a mutually-beneficial partnership between the intern and Reciprocity would look like. The outcomes of this partnership will be monitored and reviewed on a regular basis by all parties and changes to the partnership arrangement made accordingly. 

Optional Internship Working Arrangements
  • Flexible internship timeframes – the length of an internship is completely flexible and while a minimum 12-month commitment is preferred, interns can negotiate to timeframes arrangements based on their personal and professional needs.
  • Flexible work schedules based on what all parties consider to be a fair and worthwhile contribution to the achievement of the business purpose 
  • Flexible locations – Interns can be based anywhere in the world and maintain their contact, communication and relationships using phone and Internet technologies. 
  • Flexible working contexts – interns will be able to make choices in the type and nature of the work that they do based on their personal and professional interests, time commitments and skill development needs. 
After the Internship 

Interns will be offered an extensive program of support to move onto their next career or professional opportunity, which includes:
  • Professional references and referees 
  • A career path development plan 
  • Access and introductions to Reciprocity’s extensive network of contacts throughout the world 
How to Apply

Interested applicants should summit a proposal (in any form) outlining 
why they would make an outstanding Reciprocity intern, and provide short answers to the following questions -
(a)    why you are interested in an internship with Reciprocity
(b)    your current life goals
(c)    any specific skills you would like to use; and
(d)    any specific skills you would like to develop.

Applicants do not need to be students to apply for an internship.  

Note: We seek persons who possess strong communication and organisational skills, who are enthusiastic about Reciprocity’s philosophy, purpose and work program, who are dependable, and follow-up without constant supervision.  Internships are unpaid.   

To enquire about a Reciprocity Internship or to submit an application, contact:

    PO Box 5303
Manly  Q  4179