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Thirty activists of LVC collaborate in Haiti with local peasant organizations

posted Apr 9, 2012, 6:10 PM by Scott John

It is a silent but persistent work, which is far away from the coverage of massive media. Since January 2009, around thirty members of La Via Campesina, most of them from Brazil, have come to Haiti in the framework of the Jean-Jacques Dessaline Internationalist Group.

They chose this name to honor one of the heroes of the Haitian revolution that achieved independence in the country in 1804 and ended slavery. The nation that currently holds the lowest socio-economic levels in our continent was one of the first to gain independence years before the struggles for freedom started in the rest of the American countries.

An essential part of the coordination project with Haitian peasant organizations is carried out by the Landless Rural Workers Movement.

The work carried out by them includes supporting the organization, socio-political capacity building and agroecological production in a seed program that involves 150 Haitian peasants.