The Reciprocity Project 2014
"Farmer Solidarity First"

Reciprocity is a self-funded, 'profit for purpose', social business.

Current Project International: 
Attendance at The MST's 6th National Congress-Brasilia Feb 4-18th

This Feb Scott was very fortunate to be able to attend the 2 million strong MST (Landless Workers Movement) 6th National Congress He Joined 16000 local delegates and 500 international delegates for the week long amazing learning experience which included wonderful 'misticas', great discussions, an occupation of the National Ministry of Eduction by MST children and their mothers, a 16000 member 9km march through the streets of Brasilia and making contact with some many dedicated family farmers. 

Prior to the congress, Scott who was included as part of the US Friends of MST delegation did short regional tour of MST 'Encampments and Settlements' where the real work of the MST getting land for the Landless and building rural communities is done. The courage and dedication of all was a hugely humbling experience where so many work together to do so much with so little!!

The pictures below are a small collection of the Rural tout and then the Congress! Enjoy!! Note: Videos of the whole experience will follow in the coming weeks!

MST Congress 02/2014 1 Settlement Visits

MST Congress 02/2014 Congress Week


Our vision
That there will be a strong and united global peasant movement (La Via Campesina) ready and able to respond to the enormous economic, environmental and social crises that confront us...And that this movement will help us all to rebuild our lives in a more equitable and sustainable way.

Our purpose
is to support La Via Campesina to lead the food sovereignty campaign and the development of an alternative agricultural model.

Our strategy 
is to build partnerships among farmers and farmer organisations which support La Via Campesina and its food sovereignty campaign through:

*  building shared understandings
*  connecting farmers
*  supporting their engagement with each other

Our partnership strategy is underpinned by our Reciprocity principle and the use of Reciprocity practices.

Why La Via Campesina?

We believe that

  • peasant agriculture, based on agroecology and food sovereignty, is the only model of food production that offers a sustainable future for the planet and its peoples;
  • the corporate driven industrialised model of agriculture seeks to deliberately destroy this peasant agriculture and the lives of those who practice it; 
  • La Via Campesina works actively to prevent the complete destruction of this peasant agricultural model; and
  • La Via Campesina, as the authentic voice of the peasant, is the only organisation capable of maintaining the integrity and legitimacy of this model of sustainable agriculture and protecting the rights of those who practice it.

Why partnership development?

  • The strength of La Via Campesina is founded on the quality of its internal partnerships.
  • Any weaknesses in the La Via Campesina partnerships is a potential threat to its long term sustainability and growth, and the credibility of its campaigns.
  • The integrity and validity of the La Via Campesina's partnerships are the basis for attracting other peasants and peasant organisations.

Why Reciprocity?

  • Partnerships can only be maintained and developed if they are mutually-beneficial.

Click on the logo to take you to our Food Sovereignty websites around the world.

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